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Can Hot and Cool Temperatures Help Relieve Body Aches?

If you deal with body aches on a frequent basis, then you know the negative impact it can have on both your physical and mental health. Constant aches limit our drive to get our bodies moving which leads to a lack of exercise and social life. After all, who wants to get out of bed when their body is aching?! Whether you deal with chronic joint pain, arthritis, or are mending a sprain or muscle ache, it’s important to know that you do not have to suffer. There are many ways to relieve body aches and joint pains right from the comfort of your own home including hot and cold therapy.

How hot temperatures can relieve pain

Anyone who suffers from aches, migraines, or cramps knows that using a heating pad, steamed towels, or other forms of heat can greatly improve pain. This is because high temperatures increase the blood flow of the impacted area by dilating the blood vessels. This increase of circulation raises muscle flexibility and soothes pain. Heat stimulates the sensory receptors in the skin to decrease the amount of pain signals being sent to the brain. Heat therapy relaxes the affected area and can actually heal damaged tissue by upping the flow of oxygen and nutrients in that part of the body. If you are feeling stiff, it’s good to apply heat because the raised temperatures help to stretch the soft tissue including muscles. This decreases stiffness and increases flexibility which leads to a higher level of comfort. If you are active and exercise frequently, heat therapy is the best option for you because it relieves tension and speeds up recovery time getting you back out there faster! It’s also great to use before working out as a way to relax and stretch the muscles.

While heat therapy can work for a majority of people, there are select groups that should steer clear of it. Do not use heat therapy on an open wound or if you have certain pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, dermatitis, or any vascular disease.

How cool temperatures can relieve pain

For centuries, people across the globe have used ice and cold therapy to help ease the feeling of joint pain and aches (so yes, your mom was totally right to give you a bag of peas after you bumped your head as a child!) Cold therapy, also known as cryotherapy, works to reduce the blood flow to the affected area, which is essentially the opposite of what heat therapy does! What this does is reduce inflammation and/or swelling that is causing the pain. Additionally, the cool temperatures can also slow down the nerve activity in that area to help relieve pain. This essentially acts like a local anesthetic and similar to heat therapy, also slows down the amount of pain signals that are being sent to the brain.

Cold therapy can work for many people but it should be avoided by those with poor circulation or diabetes. Also, if you have stiff muscles or joints, you should not use cold therapy as it can increase the stiffness in that area.

SINSINPAS AREX Gel Pain Relieving Patch

Both hot and cold therapy are ideal for people suffering from arthritis, sprains, strains, recent injuries, and general body aches. And while both cold and hot temperatures work to relieve pain in different ways, they’re even more powerful when used in tandem with each other!

This is exactly why we created the brand new SINSINPAS AREX Gel Pain Relieving Patch. This new at-home pain relief option is great for people who like to take a more gentle approach. Made with soothing aloe vera, this gel patch is both effective yet does not cause irritation and was made with those who have sensitive skin in mind. Like the original SINSINPAS AREX Pain Relief patches, this new option works with hot and cool temperatures to lessen aches quickly and provide long-lasting effects. The AREX Gel Pain Relieving Patches are great for people dealing with minor aches and pains that can come along with strains, sprains, arthritis, and more. Each box comes with 6 patches in a medium size (4.72 X 3.13”.)

What makes the AREX Gel Pain Relieving Patch different:

While there are many pain relief patches on the market, we’ve taken a slightly different approach with this new addition to our line:

  • Unlike traditional hot/cool therapy patches, the Gel Pain Relieving Patches were designed for people who have sensitive skin. Many people cannot use patches because they’re made from a dry material that almost feels like plaster. Instead, these new patches are made with a 4-way stretch fabric that is not only less irritating, but also allows for maximum movement and flexibility. This fabric feels soft and soothing on the skin.

  • Aloe Vera is the star ingredient of these new patches because it helps to lessen irritation of the skin and deliver pain relief faster.

  • Instead of the typical white colored patch, the AREX Gel Pain Relieving Patches are a neutral skin tone shade which means they won’t stick out if you’re wearing it on a visible part of the body.

  • This topical pain reliever is long-lasting and you will feel the effects for up to 8 hours which means you will only need to replace them 1-2 times a day.

  • While the AREX Gel Patch is more gentle on the skin, it still provides both a powerful cool and hot effect that helps to lessen the feelings of aches and pains and heals damaged tissue faster.

Although there are many ways to receive hot and cold therapy, a pain relieving patch like the AREX Gel Pain Relieving Patch is the best option because it’s quick, easy, and can move with you throughout the day–no matter where life takes you!

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