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How to Prevent Injuries when Working Out

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We all know working out is good for us, but that doesn’t mean it always makes us feel

better. Sometimes you get injured when you exercise and that can derail you from

losing weight and reaching your fitness goals. It’s especially frustrating when you are

training for a competition or race. If you seem to get injured easily, then it’s important to

take certain steps to avoid getting hurt. Here is how to prevent injuries when working


1. Warm Up

It’s incredibly important to warm up before your workout, especially if you are lifting

weights. Your muscles should not be cold when you start to lift because they could

easily tear or snap. Think of cold muscles as rubber bands. Too much stretching and

they it will break! Warm ups don’t have to be super long. You can warm up for five

minutes to get your heart pumping, blood moving, and muscles warm.

2. Cool Down

Cooling down is also an important part of preventing injuries. After you finish your

workout, let your heart rate come down slowly and then stretch and foam roll. You’ll feel

better and give your muscles a chance to begin recovering properly.

3. Take Rest Days

You may be tempted to go hard every single session. Unfortunately, that will only lead

to overuse and tired muscles. Without proper recovery, your muscles won’t get a

chance to build and will continue to break down as you work them. You’ll wind up

weaker and injured if you don’t schedule rest days in your workout program.

4. Mix Up Your Routine

One way to ensure that you are taking rest days is to make sure you aren’t doing the

same exercise back to back. You can do cardio on Monday, lift weights on Tuesday,

and then do yoga on Wednesdays. By switching up what you do, you give your muscles

a break and it’s a great way to keep your mind interested in your workouts too!

5. Focus on Recovery

Make sure you are taking good care of yourself in between workout sessions. As soon

as you start feeling the slightest nag or twinge, pay attention. Use ice or heat on the

area. You can also use patches that provide continuous relief to the sore muscle, like

the Sinsinpas cold or heat patches. Their patches stay on and provide relief for hours,

freeing you up to stretch and relax.

Avoiding injures is key to success when you want to lose weight or improve your

physical fitness. Follow the above tips and you should have a better chance of

preventing injuries. Taking the extra time to care for yourself is worth it!

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