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How to Speed Up Workout Recovery

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

If you work out regularly, then you are all too familiar with the aching and sore muscles you have the next day, and maybe even a few days after that. Muscle recovery takes time. After all, your body needs to rebuild and repair muscles after an intense workout. However, sometimes, the recovery process is just a little too slow for our liking.

Thankfully, there are some proven steps you can take to speed up muscle recovery. Here are the best ways to speed up the process.

  • Sleep for at least eight hours every night to allow the body's natural recovery and healing processes to function optimally.

  • Drink plenty of water right after a workout to flush out toxins and restore moisture lost during a workout.

  • Have a protein shake or smoothie after working out, making sure the carbs-to-protein ratio is 2:1.

  • Take an anti-inflammatory OTC drug like aspirin to get some quick relief from sore and aching muscles. However, use these sparingly since too much of them can be harmful to your health.

  • Apply an ice pack to your sore muscles for around 20 minutes to help speed up recovery times.

  • Stretch or do light exercises like squats, lunges, and plank to help in the muscle recovery process.

  • Get a foam roller to break up any knots or sore areas that were created after your workout. Knots are often a cause of sore muscles, which makes this quite helpful.

  • Get a high-protein meal for dinner after a tough workout day. This aids in muscle recovery.

  • Drink cherry juice since it can reduce muscle swelling.

Use Pain Relief Patches

One more incredibly effective way to speed up workout recovery and get some much-needed pain relief involves using pain relief patches.

SinSinPas has a great selection of pain relief patches to choose from. Maximum-strength lidocaine patches are especially helpful in penetrating nerve receptors to numb and desensitize and pain you may be suffering from. With a 4% solution of lidocaine, this pain relief patch option is sure to speed up your workout recovery.

You no longer need to be sore from aching muscles and soreness after having an intense workout at home or at the gym.

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