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How to Treat Muscle Soreness

We have all dealt with muscle soreness in one way or another. Perhaps you overdid it during a workout. Or, you spent the day doing chores around the house, and now it hurts to move! Whatever the reason, sore muscles can really hamper your everyday life. It can also keep you from heading back to the gym, which is not a habit you want to get into. The good news is that you can treat sore muscles, so you don't have to experience this pain for too long.

What Causes Muscle Soreness? Many times, you won't realize your muscles are sore until after your workout or activity. This is called delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS. DOMS is caused by the tiny tears that occur in your muscles when you perform strenuous exercise. These tears are good – when your body repairs the tissue, your muscles will be stronger. However, the period after causing these microscopic tears and before your body starts to rebuild can be very painful. Here is how to treat those sore muscles.

Warm Up It's crucial to warm up before any exercise, especially if you are strength training. Now is not the time for static stretches, but dynamic ones that move your muscles. You can jump, lunge, and swing your limbs around to get your heart pumping and blood circulating. If you have particularly stiff muscles, then consider using a hot patch like this one from Sinsinpas to help increase the circulation to that area!

Hydrate While you're working out, be sure to stay hydrated. This will decrease inflammation in your body, which can translate to soreness later. Be sure you're also drinking plenty of water before and after your workouts as well!

Cool Down Once your activity is over, you can do static stretches and use a foam roller. If there is a particular area that you know gets sore or tight quickly, then you can also use cold therapy. An ice pack or the Sinsinpas cold patch are great options here. This is especially helpful for runners who know their shins or calves will be sore!

Use Heat Once your body has thoroughly cooled down from a workout, at least 3 or more hours afterward, you can use heat therapy on the muscles you worked hardest. This will increase circulation and loosen up your muscles so you won't feel as sore the next day. Heating pads or Sinsinpas' hot patches are great choices here! No matter what activity you prefer, sore muscles will happen. But don't let them discourage you from exercising, doing hobbies, or performing chores. Use the tips above and keep being active. As your body adjusts to your routine, your muscles won't get as sore.

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