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Muscle, Exercise, and Immunity | How Are They All Related?

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

How exactly does exercise strengthen your muscles and boost your immunity?

The Benefits of Regular Exercise in Muscles and Immunity

When is the last time you decided to go for a run, participated in sports games, or went to the gym and actually made use of the membership that you continue to pay monthly for?

Begining to lead a more active lifestyle takes time, effort, and determination. However, in the long run, it’s really worth it as it offers a plethora of benefits! Not only does regular exercise help you turn heads, and give you the confidence you need to feel comfortable in your own skin; but it also helps in improving your health and immunity, and assists in strengthening your muscles; ultimately providing you with great health and high muscular strength.

When in the gym working out and beginning to feel that burn, you may also have similar feelings, like wanting to be literally anywhere else. However, you have to keep in mind that your body is thanking you during the whole process.

Keep on reading to find out exactly how regular exercise has incredible effects on your muscles and immunity!

How Building Muscle Through Regular Exercise Can Help Your Immunity Grow Stronger

Whether you’re trying to build muscle, get fit, or you’re just tired of being a couch potato, exercising regularly comes with a wide range of benefits, especially when it comes to your body’s immunity. The main being that it impacts your muscular strength. Muscular strength is what influences your body’s ability to move, lift, and complete day-to-day activities.

Muscles play such an important role in many areas of our health. Take a look at just some of the reasons why strength training and building muscle are absolutely non-negotiable when it comes to your fitness regime:

● Muscle helps in building your strength and stamina

● Muscle helps manage your blood sugar

● Muscle helps you to control your body fat

● Muscle has the ability to change your emotional state

● Muscle can help you feel more confident and comfortable

● Muscle supports your bodies joints

● Building muscle also helps in building bone too

So how does gaining muscle through exercise actually affect our body’s immunity? Exercise increases your blood and lymph flow as your muscles begin to contract, it’s believed to increase the circulation of immune cells, forcing them to roam the body at a higher rate.

If you find yourself battling yet another cold or cough, or you’re just feeling tired all the time, it may actually be hugely beneficial for you to take up a new exercise regime. Regular exercise can help build your immunity in many ways. From decreasing your chances of developing heart disease to keeping your bones super healthy and strong, with the confidence you gain from looking and feeling good, the world is yours to conquer!

Check out even more benefits of exercise on the immune system:

● It can increase blood flow

● Help clear bacteria out of your airways

● Cause a brief elevation in body temperature

● It strengthens antibodies to help fight an infection

● Reduction in stress hormones

● Reduces inflammation

The Best Type of Exercise to Help Boost Immunity and Muscle Strength

Taking part in exercises to help boost your immunity will increase your muscle’s strength, size, power, and endurance. If possible, you should try to do around 2 sessions or more of muscle-strengthening exercises a week.

If you’re confused about what type of exercise you should be taking part in, we thought we’d leave you with some great examples of muscle-strengthening activities:

● Weight lifting

● Climbing stairs

● Hillwalking

● Working out with resistance bands

● Heavy gardening

● Cycling

● Push-ups, sit-ups, and squats

● Dancing

● Yoga

While on your journey to better health and becoming physically and mentally stronger, you may experience aches and pains along the way; especially if you’re just starting out. Here at Sinsinpas, we know how hard it can be to push through that pain, and we’re here to look after you. Check out our wide range of patches by clicking here and take a step in the right direction to accomplishing health and happiness. Our pain relief patches have been known to help athletes around the world achieve greatness in their games and regimes since 1959, and now it will heal your pain.

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