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Pain Relieving Patches for Veterans: Why You Should Give Them a Try

Here in the US, our military power is one that is critically important. Without our forces, we would’ve simply never made it this far. They provide a constant safety net against some of the major problems that plague so many other countries out there – violent coups, in-country wars, and all other manner of physical struggles for power. Army, navy, marines, air force, it doesn’t matter. All are beyond essential, playing their own unique role in protecting our way of life and keeping us safe.

However, we don’t always do a great job at showing these various branches how appreciative we are. In fact, society’s long let them down, neglecting vets the second they come home. They’re largely left to deal with everything all on their lonesome, including how to deal with the physical pain that plagues so many of the brave people who’ve served our country. Some people and companies have stepped up, though, insistent on offering practical help and solutions. One of the big, current revolutions on that front? Pain patches.

The Problem of Pain

Before delving down deep into the reasons why all the specific reasons patches are the way forward, it’s crucial we talk about why they’re even needed in the first place. As said before, pain is a sad but common thread that binds many of our country’s veterans together. Physical injury is just another day at the office whenever you’re involved in combat and this naturally breeds horribly uncomfortable and long-lasting discomfort.

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, more than 50% of veterans receiving care at a Veterans Health Administration facility suffer from chronic pain. And these are just for those who have sought help at a VHA space. There’s no telling how high those numbers are for vets in general, although one can expect the numbers to look rather bleak.

That’s a huge problem. Not only does this cause a drop in happiness and life satisfaction, it also dramatically increases vets’ risk factor for suicide and has significantly contributed to our infamous opioid epidemic, military members of the past often prescribed seriously addictive painkillers to cope with their chronic pain. Every way you look at it, some of the US’ most important citizens are suffering further after sacrificing so much for us. They shouldn’t be and we need to find a solution that truly helps rather than harms. Easier said than done, of course. Pain is fickle, stubborn, and ridiculously hard to buck in the best of situations. But that’s where a little creativity and dedication comes in.

The Benefits of Patches

So, the pain that many veterans feel on a regular is a huge issue. That’s been established. However, you’re still probably left wondering why patches of all things are the possible key we’ve been missing. Just what makes them the preferred management method? Why should you, or someone you love, give them a try? Here are a hand full of their biggest benefits that might clear things up a bit.

· Increased affordability compared to other interventions. Despite having one of the most taxing, dangerous, and flat-out scary jobs on the planet, military folks don’t generally rake in that much cash and vets certainly don’t. A large portion will even find themselves in poverty soon after returning from service. That doesn’t exactly welcome expensive treatments and doctor’s visits that might take the edge off when it comes to pain levels. Luckily, pain patches are inexpensive and widely available both online and in-store. They’re then easy to both try and buy, making them way more risk-free than other pain management solutions.

· Safer and non-addictive. Cost is a gigantic factor when looking at the pluses of patches, but there’s something still more critical: they’re non-addictive. Unlike some of the meds that doctors have prescribed to their ex-military patients, you don’t have to worry about developing a chemical dependency on them. You can use them to your heart’s content relatively worry-free, giving you extra peace of mind.

· Straightforward and easy to use. Not all pain management systems are particularly easy (or available). Therapies, stretching routines, supplements, and more can all get super complicated and confusing in due time, making getting them wrong a definite possibility. And when this happens, you open yourself up for possible further pain, injury, and health complications, not to mention increasing the likelihood you’ll drop them even if they’re working. Meanwhile, pain patches are simple. Just follow the instructions, place them where needed, and you’re good to go. You can also use them in tandem with other pain management, giving you little reason not to just try it out.

· Can offer significant pain relief. Perhaps most importantly and obviously, the biggest benefit to pain patches is they can give you serious relief! Like anything else, it’s no a surefire guarantee. All our bodies and pain are different, thus the solutions are different, too. But they work for many and you might just be added to that list. And for those who suffer from debilitating pain 24/7, just about anything’s worth a shot at relief.

Giving SINSINPAS a Try

Convinced that these patches might actually be a solution worth exploring? We’re glad to hear it. Before you can do anything, though, you need to first find a product and brand that works for you. Not all are created equal. Giving our store a quick glance is a great first step! This is because we’re not just any company. Trinet Industries is a primary contractor to the Department of Veterans Affairs, our products made with veterans and service members directly in mind. Our pain relief products are available in over 600 VA hospitals and are widely recognized as reliable, high-quality, and effective, trusted to bring relief to the people who need it most.

Whether you’re on the market for a traditional camphor and menthol option, something both cool and hot, or a product geared and sized for large areas like the back, you’ll find what you’re looking for. We even carry pain relieving liquids and sprays, ensuring we truly have something for everyone. Curious in finding what fits your needs? Head on over to our product page for a more thorough breakdown of all our offerings!

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