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What Is The Most Effective Pain Relief Patch?

Nowadays, there are a ton of different pain relief patches on the market but there are typically two main types that you will see on the shelves–hot and cold patches and medicated patches. Hot and cold patches deliver heat and cool therapy to help reduce inflammation and relax the muscles. They’re great for recent injuries, backaches, joint pains, and more. There are also medicated patches which usually contain lidocaine. Lidocaine is a type of local anesthetic that temporarily prevents pain by blocking the nerve ending signals. Over-the-counter lidocaine patches are great to relieve minor aches and pains associated with backaches, neck soreness, and even insect bites.

The type of patch you choose really depends on your level of pain and the cause of the pain. Both hot and cool patches along with lidocaine patches are great for temporary pain relief that can move with you wherever you go. They’re easy to apply and can be used for a variety of pain types. With that said, how do you choose the right brand with so many sitting on the shelf?! We’re here to help you out! Read on for the most effective pain relief patches.

Hot & Cold Patches

The SINSINPAS AREX Patches provide top-notch pain relief for a variety of ailments such as sprains, strains, bruises, backaches, and more. They provide both a heating and cooling effect to minimize pain levels for hours on end. They’re extremely easy to apply and the flexible fabric makes it feel like you’re wearing nothing on your skin! SINSINPAS offers their best-selling AREX Patches in three different options–size small, size medium/large, and a gel patch. The different size options are great to have stocked in your cabinet to give you relief for a number of issues. The AREX Gel Patch is one of their newer items and is ideal for people who have sensitive skin. It provides the same heating and cooling effect but is made with a four-way stretch fabric and aloe vera gel to be a bit more gentle on sensitive skin. The AREX line is not only extremely effective, but it’s also priced the best out of all of the options on this list!

2. Pain Relief Patch by Icy Hot

If you’ve ever strolled down the pain relief aisle in the drugstore, chances are you’re familiar with Icy Hot. Icy Hot is one of the popular brands when it comes to over-the-counter pain relief because of their wide variety of product offerings. The company sells different types of pain relievers such as sprays to gels to creams and patches. Icy Hot offers a few different variations of patches to be used on different areas of the body–one specifically for your arms, neck, and legs and other larger-sized patches for your back. While Icy Hot products are well-known, you can get a better bang for your buck and you may see better results with other options out there.

3. Menthol Pain Relieving Patches by Biofreeze

The Biofreeze Patches are an interesting option because unlike the other choices listed, this is a cool patch only. This means that it will provide cool therapy to reduce inflammation without the combination of heat. These patches are made with menthol and are ideal for recent injuries and sore muscles. These patches are extremely targeted so they may not be great for all pain relief. Before buying these, it’s important to look into what type of relief you need as just cold therapy may not always be the best option!

Medicated Patches

1. Relief by The Good Patch

The Good Patch is a relatively newer brand on the market that offers a ton of different pain relief options. Many of their patches are powered by plants and even hemp to deliver results. Unlike many other patches on the market, these Relief patches are not made with lidocaine but a mix of plant-derived menthol, lavender oil, and Arnica Montana instead. The Good Patch notes that these are great for minor aches and pains and delivers relief for up to 12 hours. These patches have great ingredients for those who are plant-based but you may not see as strong of results as you would with regular lidocaine patches. They are also a bit higher in price than other options on this list!

2. Maximum Lidocaine Patches by Curist Relief

Curist is another newer kid on the block who offers many types of products from allergy medicine to pain relief. One of their top-selling products is their Maximum Strength Lidocaine Patches. They’re made with 4% lidocaine (which is the maximum amount allowed for over-the-counter lidocaine) to provide ultra soothing relief. Curist says their patches are ideal for those suffering from minor aches and pains in the back, elbows, neck, shoulders, and knees. They boast that these patches are fast-acting, long-lasting, and will stick to your skin all day with a strong adhesive. These lidocaine patches are a great option for their strength and price however, they are quite small in size. This means they may not be the right option for those looking for relief in larger areas such as the lower or upper back.

3. Maximum Strength Lidocaine Patch by SINSINPAS (Our top pick!)

If you’re dealing with aches and pains in your back, neck, or shoulders, you definitely need to check out the Maximum Strength Lidocaine Patches by SINSINPAS. Like the Curist patches, these are made with 4% lidocaine to penetrate nerve receptors and lower pain levels. Each patch is long-lasting, unscented, and not messy to apply like some other pain relief options. They also provide relief quickly so you can apply one and feel better before you know it! The SINSINPAS Lidocaine Patches are quite large at 10cm x 14cm which means they are great for dealing with larger target areas of pain. Just like the AREX patches, the Lidocaine Patches can be applied and forgotten about while you go about your day. What more can you ask for?!

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