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Why Cool and Heat Work to Relieve Pain

You pull a muscle, tweak your back, or have constant arthritis pain, what do you do first? Most people reach for the heating pad. It feels good and makes them relax. Sometimes it’s not the right answer – cold is often the answer before the heat.

But together heat and cold can help relieve even the worst pain. It’s hard to know when your injury or pain calls for heat and when it calls for cold, which is why sometimes a topical ointment providing the best of both worlds is best.

How Heat Helps Pain

Heat helps your body’s circulation and blood flow to the injured area. The higher temperature brings the circulation and blood flow there which encourages your body to heal. A higher temperature can also help your body feel less pain. You may also have more muscle flexibility.

Heat in any atmosphere is relaxing, but especially when you have an injury. Your muscles will relax, feel less tense, and the tissue surrounding the injury will be able to heal.

How Coolness Helps Pain

Cold also helps improve the blood flow to the affected area. The improved blood flow helps bring down swelling and reduces the pain. Cold works well on joints and tendons. Cold can also help slow down nerve activity which also helps reduce pain.

Sometimes you need the best of both worlds, though. Dealing with hot packs and cold packs, alternating them every 20 minutes gets time-consuming. Plus, who has time to sit around for hours taking care of their injury.

It’s much easier when you have a topical pain reliever to help.

How do Topical Pain Relievers Work?

Topical pain relievers use ingredients like menthol and camphor to provide the cold and heat your body needs when suffering from pain or an injury.

The cooling sensation you feel with topical pain relievers is usually from menthol or methyl salicylate. It’s a wintergreen oil that gives your body that tingling and cooling sensation. Think of methyl salicylate as a distraction for your mind. When you have tingling in your body from the oil, it distracts your mind from the pain, while helping to decrease the swelling and pain in the area.

The warm sensation comes from a couple of ingredients but is usually camphor or capsaicin. Both are ‘warm’ oils that heat the body up and give pain relief to the area it’s needed. The combination of the heat and cold tricks the mind, making it think your body temperature is falling. This automatically makes the nerves less sensitive, so you feel less pain.

What Should you look for in a Topical Pain Reliever?

A topical pain reliever should have both a heat and cold source in it. Methyl salicylate helps reduce the pain almost immediately, while a heat source, such as camphor doubles the efforts.

Some topical treatments also have a non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug or zinc oxide, both of which work to decrease inflammation and help the body heal.

How to Use a Topical Pain Reliever

Every topical pain reliever is different, but here are the best practices when using a hot or cold topical cream:

· Use only as the directions state

· Avoid any damaged or wounded areas

· Avoid the use of other sources of heat including dry or moist heat

· Don’t touch your eyes after applying the cream and wash your hands right away

How SINSINPAS Arex Cool & Hot Pain Relieving Patches Work

If you’re looking for a high-quality cool and hot pain relieving patch to help with strains, sprains, and joint pain, SINSINPAS is a great product that’s proven to work.

Each patch is made with fabric made to move and stretch so you don’t feel restricted yet feel supported while your body recovers from an injury or pain. You can use the patches up to 3 to 4 times a day, replacing them as needed.

Each patch provides up to 8 hours of relief, so you should only need to replace it once a day, making your purchase last even longer. Each pack comes with 10 to 20 patches and they come in small, medium, and large sizes.

New Arex Gel-type patch is made with aloe vera which is soothing to the skin. This helps reduce any irritation or pain when using a topical pain relief cream. You also don’t have to worry about reapplying a cream or making a mess applying the cream.


SINSINPAS has been in business for over 60 years. We started on a mission to help provide people have at-home relief for aches and pains without having to see the doctor all the time. Since our beginning in 1959, we have worked hard to perfect our products and provide customers with exactly what they need – pain relief.

All of our products are FDA approved and our facilities use good manufacturing practices. We have your safety in mind 24/7. We have always been a leader in pain relief products and are happy to provide you with another solution – cold and heat patches to relieve your pain.

Final Thoughts

If you’re tired of constant aches and pains, try SINSINPAS hot and cold patches to help relieve your pain. You put the patch on once and you are done. No messy gels or creams and no reason to reapply.

You’ll get pain relief for up to 8 hours, allowing you to go about your normal day while still taking care of what doesn’t feel right. You don’t have to worry about being laid up with an ice pack or setting timers to make sure you take care of your injury’s hot and cold needs. The SINSINPAS patch is the answer to your needs!

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